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Migrate your Validator


You need to set up a node as per the tutorial, launch it for few seconds so you create the initial data directory


In order to get the new node ID being the same as the old one you need to move the folders .local/share/galital/chains/galital/network/ and .local/share/galital/chains/galital/keystore/ if you stored keys inside it. To access the correct path you need to be in your user directory ( access it by typing cd ).

The commands:

This assumes you followed the documentation deployment and you use root user, replace it if the user is different. This will replace all the data on the new server!

1) Stop galital service on the new server after the node has completed the full synchronisation

service galital stop

2) login in the server you want to migrate from ( where the old node is running )

service galital stop && cd && scp -rp .local/share/galital/chains/galital/network root@NEW_SERVER_IP:/root/.local/share/galital/chains/pirl/network && scp -rp .local/share/galital/chains/galital/keystore root@NEW_SERVER_IP:/root/.local/share/galital/chains/pirl/keystore

3) Go back into the new server

Relaunch galital service

service galital start

Voila, you are all set, just wait for the chain to sync and catch the latest blocks.